Lifeguard CPR Pocket Mask

Lifeguard CPR Pocket Mask

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You never know when you may need to give someone CPR especially as a lifeguard. Keep yourself and others safe with your CPR pocket mask. This mask will fit the face of any adult and is easy to put on. The great things about the pocket mask is that you can get it for your entire staff. You never know who or when a person will have to perform CPR.

JustLifeguard prides ourselves in the ability to help keep people safe while they are saving others. This mask is one of many materials we carry that can do just that. 


Pocket CPR Mask



o    Slim white case.

o    Convenient for consumers

o    Gloves.

o    Alcohol wipes.

o    CPR mask.

o    One-way valve with filter.

o    For adults and children.

o    Use in-case of an emergency.

o    Pre-assembled and ready to use.

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